We Design and Develop Innovative Mobile Apps

We released our first mobile app 10 years ago on the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. Since then we have helped we have helped private, public and third sector establishments realise their goals. We develop smart, native mobile apps for Apple, Android and Windows devices. Our apps increase brand loyalty, drive sales and improve business services. Our mobile developers have experience in Objective C, Swift, Java and C#.

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We develop apps in iOS, Android and Windows

Turning Great Ideas Into Great Apps

Creating great modern mobile apps is a multi-disciplined task. We have the skills required to produce a world-class app and a fantastic User Experience (UX). From strategy to design, implementation and analytics we can help businesses and entrepreneurs build apps which engage users.

We believe that until you put your idea in the hands of users you cannot truly understand their needs. This is why we follow a lean startup methodology to build and test functionality quickly in order to check it meets user expectations. Our use of analytics can discover your apps most popular features as well as those areas which require tweaking to improve the ‘stickiness’ of your app.

We are now nominated for the Best Mobile App Awards. please visit and vote if you have used Quilder Estimate App before and enjoy using it.

Pulsion are certified to the highest level available, Cyber Essentials Plus, on the new Government-backed and industry supported scheme to guide businesses in protecting themselves against cyber threats.

How We Work?

We work with businesses to understand the purpose of the app and to formulate a strategy for making it a success. We are big fans of the agile and lean methodologies. If possible we believe in testing ideas by building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), releasing to market and then measuring the success. Lessons learned are then fed back into ideas to improve the app. This process ensures that end users can drive the requirements of the app from an early stage.

Our view is that whilst your idea and our skills can make a great app, it is only a commercially viable app if the end user is ultimately satisfied with the offering.


More Than Mobile Apps

Mobile apps require to be increasingly sophisticated. We don’t just cover design and development but have integrated our apps with cloud providers, search and machine learning algortihms to give end users a more personalised and unique experience.

The volume of data collected by mobile apps, Big Data, also allows the harvesting of customer insights and allows predictive analytics to better predict what users want and to deliver this to them.

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